Tuesday, November 1, 2011

2011 Quilt Market Recap: Part Three

Let's start off with a bang: Art Gallery Fabrics! I just visited their website this morning and I was greeted with this amazing inspirational reel for their new line titled "Hyperreal Garden" by Pat Bravo. So rich and inspirational, I highly recommend watching it:

Rhapsodia Brochure. From a graphic designer's perspective, 
I was blown away by all of their exquisite brochures at Art Gallery Fabrics

Modernology booth. Fabric designed by Pat Bravo of Art Gallery Fabrics.

Bespoken booth. Fabric by AGF In-House Studio for Art Gallery Fabrics.

Next up is the amazingly talented design duo of David and Amy Butler. I got the opportunity to talk briefly with both of them and they were so friendly. Such great people! David Butler of Parson Gray was debuting his first line of fabric called "Curious Nature" which he describes as "richly muted." One of the few lines designed for men at the show and it was very urban and chic (and masculine!). I also got to hear Amy Butler speak earlier in the week at the schoolhouse series about her new Blossom Club, a free project based eZine. Brilliant idea from a marketing perspective. It will launch early next year. Her booth featured her new fabric line "Lark."

Parson Gray Booth. Featuring "Curious Nature" by David Butler.

Quilters have a good sense of humor too! Check out David's booth award:

Me (Yvette Jones) with Amy Butler at her booth.

More amazing booths to come, check back soon for Part 4!

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