Thursday, January 10, 2008

Feel Good Design: Chie Mihara Shoes

Okay, so not all design can change the world. However I think if something makes your life better, even just by making you happier to look at it, it's worth noting. I love design that has a little vintage mixed in modern sensibilities. These shoes by Chie Mihara are divine and if I had a few extra hundred dollars lying around, I would definitely be tempted. You can find the shoes at Gravity Pope, Saks and other fine retailers.She also has a line of handbags. I especially like her design philosophy:
"She likes to create things that have something to communicate, a feeling or a state of mind. She greatly admires the work of artisans who create to give life. That’s what she wants to do… give a little happiness with her creations."


Lolly said...

Another place that carries a great selection of Chie Mihara styles is Ped Shoes ( What I like about Ped is how every package from them comes wrapped with a ribbon and includes a personal note. Plus, when I've called with questions, they've been so nice and responsive. Good customer service is worth its weight in gold!

Keith L. Jennings said...

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